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CLO 4.1 Open Beta Test is Here!

Get Exclusive Access to the New CLO 4.1 Beta!

We are excited to welcome all CLO 3D users to join the CLO 4.1 Beta Test and be among the first to experience its many new features. Get involved, give feedback, and help us improve. 

Key Features of CLO 4.1 

  • Express Silk, Velvet, and Glass Materials: Express true-to-life silk, velvet and glass materials in 3D window and Renderer
  • Binding: Simply express Bindings
  • Shape Dart Cap: Create smooth edges on Dart legs
  • Create Perpendicular Internal Lines: Create Internal Lines perpendicular to Pattern outlines or the 2D Window
  • Automated Pattern Placement:  On Print Layout Mode, Patterns are automatically arranged on the fabric
  • New Topstitch Preset:  ISO Topstitch Presets have been added
  • Garment Fit Map Improvement: Check fit with a more detailed Fit Map
  • Garment Info Improvement: Easily input and check important garment information. 

CLO 4.1 Open Beta Test

Test Period

April 17th - May 9th 

Who Can Join

Any clo3d.com Users 

How to Participate