7.2 New Features

Latest update on June 27, 2023

Key Features

New Modular Library

New Modular Library

Create a Modular Library within CLO using the new Modular Creator Workflow to quickly and easily swap garment building blocks.

Soft Body Simulation

Upgrade CLO's male and female avatars with soft body deformation functions for more realistic fits.

Camera Animation

Create dynamic animations by setting different camera locations and angles.

New Elastic Presets

New Elastic Presets

Express and adjust the strength and stiffness of elastics with new presets and application options.

Other Features

Latest update on June 27, 2023

Avatar Size Editor Improvement

Adjust avatar sizes for more proportional body shapes.

Optimize Curve Point Improvement

Optimize the number of curve points more easily.

Save Scene and Render Properties

Save stage and render properties as a single file and use them for various garments.

Zipper Improvement

Effortlessly manage all properties of the Slider/Puller/Stopper by saving the files and identifying the cost per number and price.

Print Layout Mode Improvement

Identify size details of the graded pattern that is arranged in the fabric at a glance, while also being able to adjust the fabric length to arrange the pattern more efficiently.