6.2 New Features

Latest update on Mar 30, 2022

Key Features

  • Realistic Puffy Garment-img

    Realistic Puffy Garment

    Express a realistic puffy garment by adjusting filler and weight.

  • Fold 3D Garment-img

    Fold 3D Garment

    Allows you the ability to easily fold 3D garments.

  • Pantone Library-img

    Standard DXF Import

    Import standard DXF files from AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

  • Pantone Library-img

    CLO-SET in CLO

    Easily browse and download files archived in CLO-SET.


Other Features

Latest update on Mar 30, 2022
  • Improve Speed of loading Avatar / Garment

    The speed of loading garments and avatars has been improved.

  • Print Layout | Nesting Improvement

    You will now be able to set the quantity per each grading size, apply nesting to all colorways. Tool buttons for nesting and property settings will also be added.

  • Print | Shift & Space

    Create various patterns by shifting the position of Print Texture or adjusting the spacing.

※ From CLO 6.2 and on, the Proxy server setting needs to be manually set in the OS.


Patch Notes

Latest update on Mar 30, 2022, ver6.2.468.38610


- Added Tile option to graphic properties
- Crash when changing the grading size for certain garments
- Crash during simulation after changing the particle distance in certain garment files
- Issue that certain DXF files cannot be loaded
- Issue that the length of each grading size in the POM does not appear properly
- Issue where the button position was changed when changing the size after Pair Avatar
- Issue of the Iridescence color of the graphic was not reflected while rendering

Latest update on Mar 11, 2022, ver6.2.430.38527


- Crash when copying and pasting Buttonhole
- Issue where graphics were not added to the same location as the other graphics
- Issue that the Z-Offset value does not change when adding a graphic at a location where it intersects with other graphics
- Issue that Alembic files cannot be exported properly.

Latest update on Feb 25, 2022, ver6.2.394.38497


Graphics | Object Browser & BOM Mode - Create & Edit Graphics Styles in the Object Browser
- Set the Graphics Cost Applied to the Garment in BOM Mode
Nesting | Set Quantity by Size Set the Nesting Quantity for Each Grading Size
Replacing Outlines of Internal Shapes and Basic Shapes - Pattern Outlines, Internal Shapes, and Basic Shapes can be Replaced with Each Other
- UI Added to Increase the Accuracy of Replacement by Selecting the Starting Point to Replace
Style Line I Scale in One Direction and Serve as a Shortcut to Move Scale and Move in One Direction are Provided as Shortcut Keys (Ctrl)
V-ray | Change the Maximum Values of Ground Shadows Maximum Ground Shadow Intensity Changed from 4 to 1
UI Improvements - Change the Notch Color and Thickness
- Option to Include the Word Copy in the Name of the Duplicated Pattern/Internal Shape
- Added New Default Project Loading Menu


- Crash when Seam Taping was applied to certain garment files
- Crash when modifying the pattern of specific garment files
- Crash when loading garment files with abnormal symmetry settings
- Issue where the program stopped after rendering animation
- Crash when switching to Print Layout mode after loading certain garment files
- Crash when converting a default avatar to an avatar
- Issue where a license error occurred due to a network problem when logging into CLO
- Issue that grading was not applied to the baseline when cutting the grading pattern
- Issue that some patterns are missing when using Layer Clone
- Issue where Focus by Click did not work during rendering
- Issue where Custom Views were not applied properly during rendering
- Issue of the notch not appearing when 3D sewing
- Issue that certain spots were distorted when changing the avatar pose
- Issue that the topstitch of the selected colorway in the UV Editor does not appear properly
- Issue where 2D Measurements cannot be updated when moving graphics
- Issue that normal map is not maintained when OBJ file is loaded
- Issue that the print on the fabric disappears when grading Unassign Size Group
- Issue that the history of the fabric does not accumulate when saving the ZPRJ file
- Issue where the length did not get displayed during Walk Pattern
- Issue when the lock state of the baselines was not maintained when unfolding the pattern
- Issue where graphics were not displayed properly in the Review Mode
- Issue where grading did not get applied symmetrically during Scale Styleline

Latest update on Jan 21, 2022, ver6.2.330.38382


Improved Zipper - Adjust the Length of Zipper Teeth and Tape
- Maintain Zipper during Pattern Cut & Merge
- Select the Mesh of the Slider & Puller OBJ in the Zipper Register OBJ Window Directly
Lock | Fixed Point Position The Position of the Locked Point is Fixed
Shirring I Applied to Internal Segment Apply Shirring to the Internal Segment
Graphics I Over Seamline Improvements Hides Part of Graphics Created in the Sewn Pattern
glTF | Export Joint Points Export the Avatar with Joint Point Information
Library | Motion for Kids No_Hands_Pose Motion Type is Added
V-Ray Render | Background Image Improvement - Set HDRI Image as the Background Image
- Adjusts the Brightness Intensity of the Background Image
Dart Sewing Automatically Sew when Diamond Dart is Created
User Setting | Default Mode Print Layout Mode is Added to the Basic Mode


- Issue that the auto sewing does not work.
- Crash when undoing after changing the grading size
- Crash when changing the grading size after cutting a half symmetric pattern
- Crash when undoing after Draw Styleline in the textured surface state
- Crash when switching to review mode after changing the grading size of over seamline graphics
- Crash when deleting a specific Substance file in the fabric properties
- Crash when undoing an FBX file with animation and saving it as a ZPRJ file after loading
- Issue that the colors of over seamline graphics were not updated in the colorway mode
- Issue where topstitch does not display in the review mode
- Issue where graded graphics were not displayed properly in the review mode
- Issue where only one screen was displayed when switching to review mode after moving the graphics
- Issue that the topstitch created on the inside of the pattern is displayed on the outside when exporting to OBJ
- Issue where the texture of the avatar was missing when exporting a colorway outfit as an OBJ file
- Issue that the zipper name was not properly reflected in the colorway list
- Issue where button textures were not applied properly
- Issue that normal map does not rotate together when rotating the texture
- Issue where the avatar detach all from avatar measure did not work
- Issue where the avatar joint points cannot be rotated symmetrically
- Issue of grading distortion when cutting certain grading patterns
- Issue that multiple circumference measurements of a symmetrical pattern are created when tracing with internal segments
- Issue that the internal line segment with curved points is not applied symmetrically when undoing after changing the length
- Issue that the fabric of the binding cannot be changed after changing the grading size
- Issue of distortion when replacing the graphic generated pattern with another pattern
- Issue of curve point selection with Edit Grading (Each) tool
- Issue that internal segments are distorted when undoing after changing the grading size of the pattern created for internal segments
- Issue where include Scene & Props option did not work when exporting to FBX file
- Issue where straight points were added to the notch when the notch created pattern was exported as a DXF file and imported
- Issue that the width value in the register button window does not change according to the program setting unit
- Issue where button colors were initialized when loading garment files saved before May 2018

Latest update on Dec 15, 2021, ver6.2.260.38243


- Crash when loading lower version files that have been created before 2015 (ver. 2.2)
- Crash when copying the pattern after changing the grading size
- Crash when adding a size after loading a garment file without grading information
- Crash when clicking the No button in the ZBLC file loading window
- Crash when re-draping 3D arrangement in certain garments
- Crash irregularly occur during Extend/Trim & Add Point in Half Symmetry Pattern internal line
- Issue of the pattern does not get placed inside when using Layer Clone
- Issue that Print does not get displayed in Object Browser when loading ZFAB file
- Issue of Half Symmetry Pattern does not get applied when merging certain patterns
- Issue where ghosts do not get displayed when grading symmetric patterns individually
- Issue of the outline does not get displayed properly when undo-ing after changing the grading size of the symmetric pattern
- Issue that binding is not maintained when undo-ing after cutting the symmetric pattern created by binding
- Issue that binding does not move together during Fold Arrangement
- Issue where texture tools do not get displayed in print layout mode
- Issue of the button item properties does not get changed after the property is initialized

Latest update on Dec 6, 2021, ver6.2.234.38207


- Crash during Flattening
- Crash when loading certain DXF files
- Crash when clicking the Edit Styleline tool on a specific garment file
- Crash when changing the size after duplicating the grading pattern as a symmetric pattern
- Crash intermittently occur using Fold 3D garment
- Crash when saving and reloading after applying Buttonhole Items copied to the garment
- Crash when adding a colorway after replacing the printed fabric with another ZFAB file
- CLO Fabric Digitization Service CSV file’s Construction (e.g. Knit Woven) name has been changed to Construction
- Issue where 3D Seamline looks different from the previous versions
- Issue where baked graphic colors were displayed differently in the UV Editor
- Issue of shades appearing when rendering quality in monochrome view mode
- Issue that certain images were not applied to fabric prints
- Issue where grading information was not duplicated when duplicating with a symmetric pattern
- Issue that curved points were distorted when undoing after Unfold Symmetric Editing of Grading Pattern
- Issue where Seam Allowance was distorted when opening a lower version of the garment file
- Issue where internal line segment intersects the Hole when applying Realistic Quilting Line
- Issue that some straight points of certain Fill patterns cannot be moved
- Issue where certain AVAC files do not appear on the 3D screen
- Issue that the set units were not reflected when loading a specific FBX file
- Issue where the Fold Arrangement tool duplicated when un-grouping the tool
- Issue where the curve of the Standard DXF pattern appears as a straight line
- Issue that cannot be merged after cutting the baseline of a symmetric pattern