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CLO 2024.1 is officially here!

Hello, CLO friends! CLO 2024.1 has added a vast array of features for detailed expressions based on our users' valuable feedback.

CLO 2024.1 Highlight Features:

- AI Avatar Studio: Generate photorealistic artwork by compositing an AI-created or any portrait photo onto a realistically rendered garment.

- PBR Map Generator: Generate PBR maps from a basic texture image.

- Graphic Material Presets: Add more detail to your garments with ready-to-use material presets like Cracks, Vintage, and Foil.

- Avatar Size Editor Updates: Measurement lines are movable to provide an intuitive avatar editing experience. Bust and crotch measurements are now adjustable.

- Automatic Modular Block Assignment: Each part of the garment is automatically recognized, enabling quick and easy block arrangement for your Modular Library.

Check out other major features for the new version here. Render your reality with CLO 2024.1 from today!

New webinars will be released soon, where you can delve into the new features in detail. Check out the schedule.

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