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Coloro and CLO Virtual Fashion Partner to Bring Accurate Color to Virtual Garment Design

A leading digital garment solutions provider CLO Virtual Fashion, today announced that it has partnered with Coloro, a provider of a unique 1.6 million color system, including a standard library of 3,500 colors for footwear and apparel paired with color intelligence solutions. 

The goal of this partnership is to build a fully integrated, intelligent design platform, marrying Coloro palettes with CLO Virtual Fashion’s 3D fashion design software ‘CLO’. This partnership allows designers to develop and perfect their creative ideas before they go into production, reducing sample production, shipment and material waste.

Image of Coloro color palettes integrated into CLO software (Design source from Olivia Lauren)

“The world’s leading brands who use Coloro and CLO can now access both offerings in one system. Our customers have been asking for this integration to easily apply Coloro standards to their 3D designs in CLO, and we are delighted to streamline their workflow with this update,” says Coloro Managing Director, Sansan Chen.

Detlev Pross, Coloro Chief Strategy Officer, adds: “Connecting CLO’s 3D platform and applications with Coloro’s Color System and applications is pairing the highest level of creative intelligence with the highest level of color intelligence in the market. It is an exciting partnership, allowing us both to jointly complete, extend, and improve the digital workflow and value chain in fashion.” 

By integrating CLO software and Coloro’s color design and knowledge platforms, users will have the ability to create and alter garments with an accurate representation of their color palette. 

“We are excited to bring Coloro color palettes to our software, helping our users to experience more diverse and rich colors for their creative designs,” says Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion. “Our primary goal is to provide a platform for our users to maximize creativity and achieve consistency to their designs and this collaboration with Coloro can be a big part of it.”

Coloro has spent years in developing their unique system reflecting human color vision and building an extensive knowledge base of analyzing color in the context of feasibility, dye-ability and sustainability for different materials and processes. By joining forces with CLO Virtual Fashion, the partnership offers a fully integrated color and 3D design application, making it easy to fine-tune both the color and fit of designs before going into production.