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CLO Virtual Fashion Makes Another Strategic Investment in FAAI, an AI-Based Clothing Production Platform

CLO Virtual Fashion, the world leader in 3D garment simulation technology, announced another strategic investment in CONTROLCLOTHER Co.,ltd, market leader operating FAAI, a clothing production platform based on artificial intelligence technology.

CLO Virtual Fashion is a multinational technology company leading the digital fashion market by integrating digital technology in all areas related to garments, from 3D design software, digital garment management and communication platform, and virtual fitting service, based on a 3D garment simulation algorithm. “We expect to be able to utilize 3D technology not only in product planning and design but also in actual production management through this investment,” said Simon Kim, Chief Executive Officer of CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc.

“Utilizing the world-class 3D design technology that CLO has built, we will be able to innovatively improve the customer experience (UX) throughout the entire process of product planning, design, and production management for customers who request clothing production through the FAAI service. In 2022, we plan to expand our business in earnest through service advancement and marketing expansion,” said Lee Jiyoon, Chief Executive Officer of CONTROLCLOTHER Co.,ltd 

The digital transformation of the fashion consumption market is very active centered on online fashion platforms such as Musinsa and Zigzag. On the other hand, the fashion manufacturing market, which is another key axis of the fashion industry value chain, is considered the slowest field for IT-based innovation. Consequently, the industry expects that the digital transformation of the fashion manufacturing industry will be accelerated by the partnership between the two companies, who have been evaluated as leading fashion tech companies.