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CLO Virtual Fashion Partners With Jeanologia For Integration In CLO 6.0 That Will Simplify and Speed Up Denim Production For Brands

CLO Virtual Fashion, leader in 3D garment simulation technology, has teamed up with Jeanologia, Spain-based company who specializes in finishing technology solutions for denim, to create a direct connection between CLO3D and eDesigner through the possibility of importing and exporting .jean files–Jeanologia’s proprietary file extension–directly into CLO.

With this new integration, brands and designers are able to apply a .jean file created in eDesigner directly onto CLO’s garments to visualize and render denim finishes, and then send it straight to a laser machine to begin production using eMark, Jeanologia’s software that is installed in the laser machine. 

eDesigner is a digital tool customized exclusively for jean creation. It’s an end-to-end platform where users can design and visualize their washes, while CLO will be the application where they can visualize these designs in 3D both for design decisions and to generate digital products. With this integration, designers and brands are able to seamlessly toggle between the two applications. This will enable extraordinary collaboration between brands and their supply chain partners that share the tools. Creativity will emerge from every corner of the value chain and can be shared and collaborated upon to achieve great results.

This exciting new integration will be available in the latest version of CLO’s software which is set to be released this month. In order to test it, both eDesigner and CLO’s latest versions need to be installed.

Josep Maria Carbonell, Software Developer Director at Jeanologia says, “Today more than ever we need to implement digitization in our industry. Design, digital collection and 3D virtual reality are going to be key