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CLO Virtual Fashion and ColorDigital Announce Partnership to integrate DMIx Cloud© in CLO 6.0

CLO Virtual Fashion, global leader in 3D garment simulation technology and ColorDigital, pioneer in faultless and expedient color and surface communication, have announced their partnership to integrate ColorDigital’s DMIx Cloud in the new release of CLO 6.0.

Developed by ColorDigital and supported by the German Fashion Institute, the DMIx Cloud© is a cloud-based solution created to achieve hyper realistic digitized materials. The DMIx Cloud© allows global designers and suppliers to share information at the highest possible level in terms of color and surface textures of fabrics. Through this new integration designers using CLO are able to drag and drop textures and colors from the DMIx Cloud© that is accessible via web browser and apply these directly to their garments in the CLO software, with all visual factors of the fabric taken into account. This integration will enable designers and brands within the industry to develop their collections more efficiently as they integrate the precise colorways and textures, defined and managed between their manufacturers within the cloud into CLO.

This new integration will be incorporated in the latest CLO 6.0 software which is planned to be released in November, 2020.

"We are thrilled for our partnership with ColorDigital going forward. Through the integration of the DMIx Cloud© we are able to provide our users with higher efficiency and highest quality in appearance in their garment development process," says Lisa Kohlert, VP of Business Development at CLO Virtual Fashion. She continues, "This integration has been of request by numerous CLO users and makes this partnership all the more meaningful, as we constantly innovate CLO to provide our users the very best and most advanced garment making experience based on their specific needs.”

The partnership between CLO Virtual Fashion and ColorDigital will facilitate a more sustainable product development process within the apparel industry, reducing the amount of costs, time and waste attached to sample production through precise color and fabric communication.

"With this Partnership we enable the 3D Artist to use the libraries of their suppliers by a simple drag and drop of the material from the DMIx Cloud© directly on to their creations while keeping the full DMIx© quality in terms of color and PBR Standard based material," says Gerd Willschütz, COO of ColorDigital. "This enables a holistic approach of digital product development between brands and vendors on a common standard including master data, by using the most advanced raw material and trims solution in conjunction with the leading 3D garment technology."