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La tecnocreativa is now the first School in Spain to Teach CLO

The innovative school of fashion and design founded by Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt and Isabel Goiri will now be offering technological courses in CLO. The philosophy of the institution is 'technocreativity' which combines technology, creativity, and digitization applied to the social sciences. "We prepare students for positions very specific in the chain of value of a fashion company. What we would call 'the new trades," says Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt who has been dedicated to teaching for 30 years and has seen how training in those techniques has been neglected by the delocalization of production. The courses currently being offered are basic level courses meaning users of any skill level can take them, but they would be ideal for those who are just beginning to use CLO. We are so excited to be growing our user base with an institution like La tecnocreativa.

For additional information on the course and how to enroll, click here.