Associate 3D Apparel Developer

About the job

Job Title: Associate 3D Apparel Developer

Reports to: Senior 3D Innovation Manager

Location: Goleta, California

The Role

The Associate 3D Apparel Developer is a collaborative partner of the apparel design and development teams and participates in the product creation process.

The Associate 3D Apparel Developer will support Deckers Brands product creation process by creating 3D apparel models and renders for the UGG and Hoka brands. These digital apparel prototypes will be reviewed for concept, construction, material and color specifications and transferred to partner factories for physical sample creation. 3D prototypes must convey all necessary aesthetic, construction and details while following milestone calendar objectives.

A strong candidate for this role has a strong work ethic, with a keen eye for detail. Must be willing to go over and beyond to retain a high quality of work while meeting strict milestones.

By creating 3D prototypes this role avoids delays and saves labor, shipping, and material costs of physical sampling. These digital models aid the design & development teams by making optimal revisions and decision making in expedited time. It also helps product developers understand the garment and help communicate to our factories. They are also used by Product Line Managers and Sales Reps to gain earlier feedback from accounts and consumers. Finally, on occasion these assets are also used for marketing and eComm.