3D Garment Technician

Job description

The team that creates DOPE and MONTEC Outdoor apparel are looking for a 3D Garment Technician that is willing to take the next step in the future of Outdoor apparel. At Ridestore, we're pushing the envelope of how apparel is created. Our plan is to do most of the design of our products in 3D, together with our customers.

Ridestore is a tech-fashion leader, and we’re growing fast. We’re looking for creatives to join our team who want to do something about their craft.


Are you always on the lookout for your next big adventure? Do thrills entice you and complex problems pump you up? Then you’re one of us. 

At Ridestore, you’re going to create your role, and we’re going to support you in that. An eCommerce snow revolution starts by forgetting everything you know and starting something fresh. We’re not going to bog you down with formalities or hierarchy. At Ridestore, you don’t have to let your passion collide with your work schedule. Here, you’re constantly on the move, but you get to plan your time your way. 

We’ll let you walk through that challenging terrain solo when necessary, but we’re going to help pick you up and push you forward when you need it.  So come be part of the change. We’re waiting for you. 

Who We Are:

Ridestore was founded over 10 years ago. We had a passion to create products and brands that people truly wanted. The era where brands told people what they should wear or do is dead. Everyone's an expert. You know what you like and want to wear much better than the designer. So our job is to listen. 

We get things done. That has taken us close to half a billion sek in revenue and 100% year on year organic growth. We want to own the outerwear conversation online. Our brands Dope Snow  & Montecwear . are the first brands created from listening to what You want.

We are a remote-first company. This specific position is within the Production team, which is our only team that is co-located. You will be positioned in Gothenburg, Sweden majority of the time within first 6-12 months, to get to know the team, the way we work, and to find your role in the team. Once you're settled in properly, you'll have the possibility to work remotely most of your time.


✌️ Crew: 70+ 

🇪🇺 Languages: 10 

👍 Social Media Fans: 500k+