CLO Academic Solution

CLO offers an end-to-end academic solution for teachers and professors with the knowledge to teach CLO. Equip your students with the best 3D design tools and let them amplify the innovative influence on the real world.


Set Your Students up for Success

Design limitlessly

Unleash the potential of your students and let them explore endlessly with enormous 3D assets at CLO-SET CONNECT. CLO eliminates concerns over the cost of materials and sampling time.

All-time available fashion education

With CLO online training, students can learn the basics of pattern-making and garment design whenever and wherever they are. From classroom to home.

Beyond Design

Broaden the learning spectrum beyond design and expand to the practicality of product development life cycle, mass production, e-commerce, and marketing tools.

Sustainable Mindset

Implant a sense of sustainable design ecosystem in the minds of your students. Decrease sample waste and time waste while increasing design quality and efficiency.

Material Metrics

Students are equipped to analyze fabric consumption, quality of trims, Stitches Per Inch (SPI’s), etc.

Stay Interactive

Interactive communication among collaborating members is the key component of the whole fashion process. By experiencing CLO-SET, cloud based all-in-one 3D asset manager for omnichannel communication used throughout the fashion industry allows students to quickly adapt to the real world.

Faculty Education

Academic Training

CLO team provides training before the class commence. We help you create a sustainable learning culture within a classroom.

Curriculum Consulting

Creating the ideal learning environment for students is our fundamental goal. Your designated CLO team navigate and build a class curriculum alongside you.

Online Tutorials

Get yourself equipped with all of the skills you need to start your creative journey with CLO.


Academic Clients

All the prestigious schools are already using CLO. Join the community today.


All academic institutions

  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Private educational institutions

Beyond Academia

Pipeline into the real world

Students with knowledge of CLO now have access to major companies, brands, and retailers working within the 3D ecosystem.


Students have the ability to learn about digital assets, NFT’s, and the Metaverse prior to entering the workforce.

Job Board

Companies all around the globe are looking to hire CLO users.
Education is enabling the movement towards a Digital Ecosystem both within academia and spanning into design, development, and beyond-development amongst the fashion landscape.

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